Infection Prevention  

Can Particle Contamination of Wounds Cause Problems for Patients

Intraoperative contamination caused by particles that settle on or near the sterile field (eg, surgeon’s hands, surgical instruments) can become a contributing factor to surgical site infection (SSI) and postoperative complications. These particles are dangerous because they can carry microorganisms, but even when the particles are sterile and do not carry microorganisms, they can be a direct cause for postoperative complications. This education program will present an overview of the common sources of particle contamination and the role particles play in forming blood clots, contributing to poor healing, and the development of other postoperative complications. Immune distraction that is caused by particles and the correlation with increased risk of infection will be described. Strategies that nurses, sterile processing professionals, and members of the perioperative or interventional radiology teams can use to reduce the risk of postoperative complications related to particle contamination will also be discussed.


Nurses: 2.0 CH,
CA Board

CS/SPD: 2.0 CH

CE Credit

Nurses: 2.0 CH, CA Board CS/SPD: 2.0 CH

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