QUICK CHECK* Sterilisation Wrap

QUICK CHECK* Sterilisation Wrap is the fast, easy way to ensure that instrument sterility is uncompromised

Confidence you can see

QUICK CHECK* patented design with two contrasting layers – translucent and opaque – bonded together, help save time inspecting trays.

Quick Check Sterilization Wrap has a balance of properties that work together to aid in ideal wrap performance. The result is confidence you can see, helping to save time and money while protecting patients from infection.

  • Up to 99.9% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency via patented POWERGUARD* Technology
  • Patented DAISY DESIGN* Bond Pattern aids in strength, provides abrasion resistance, and allows for optimal sterilant penetration and evacuation
  • Proprietary manufacturing process produces superior strength in both directions
  • Low linting as measured by the Gelbo Lint Test

Made in the USA

  • 100% of fabric is made in Lexington, NC at an O&M owned & operated facility
  • Full control of manufacturing from raw material reception to quality control measures
  • Exempt from tariffs and long international shipping time

What sets QUICK CHECK* Wrap apart?

Improved Inspection Time

With two contrasting layers that are bonded together, staff can easily identify any breach in the wrap.

Faster Wrapping

Two layers that are bonded together allow for simultaneous wrapping, helping staff reduce time as they wrap trays.

Superior Protection

Superior microbial barrier protection with patented POWERGUARD* technology.

USA Made

With full control of the product supply chain, impacts to supply are reduced .

Green Focus

QUICK CHECK* is made from recyclable #5 polypropylene fabric.

Switching to QUICK CHECK* is easy

QUICK CHECK* Wrap gives you the protection and performance you expect.

HALYARD* will be discontinuing ONE-STEP* Wrap in 2021. To prepare, we urge you to contact your HALYARD* Sales Rep.

Because it’s ONE-STEP*, it’s easy to make the switch to QUICK CHECK* Wrap.

Enjoy the benefits of QUICK CHECK* wrap without having to retrain your staff or change your protocols.


QUICK CHECK* Wrap Features

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