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Personal protective equipment guides and products for frontline workers to help reduce the risk of infection

Proper PPE and Infection Prevention Training Can Help Saves Lives

If hospital staff don’t have the right equipment for the right job, or don’t follow infection prevention protocols, the risks of patients getting a healthcare-associated infection (HAI), or of hospital workers contracting illnesses, is greatly increased. 
HALYARD* solutions have you covered with the right protective gear for staff and patients, as well as protocol information and other helpful materials. 
Help improve safety, patient care and financial outcomes with the proper PPE.


The estimated number of annual deaths in Europe due to healthcare-associated infections, according to the WHO.

Use of proper PPE helps prevent unnecessary cross-contamination.

Frontline workers need protection from head to toe

The HALYARD* portfolio offers a full line of protective apparel for both staff and patients. In many cases, our protective apparel meets or exceeds performance standards and guidelines established for strength, barrier protection, and fluid resistance.

Select the right PPE for the job:

Choosing the Right Face Mask

Choosing the Right Face Mask

Choosing the Right Face Mask becomes easier with this PDF
Choosing the Right Exam Glove for the Task

Choosing the Right Exam Glove for the Task

With HALYARD* Gloves, you are in good hands


Incidence of blood and body fluid splashes found on protective glasses and masks during surgical procedures. 1

A properly fitted FFP2 respirator is our recommendation for protecting healthcare workers and the public against airborne infection.

HALYARD* Respirator components have been tested to meet ISO Standard 10993-10,
designed to assess medical devices and their constituent materials, with regard to their potential to produce irritation and skin sensitization. Make sure yours are up to healthcare standards with HALYARD* FLUIDSHIELD* respirators. See how we can help protect your frontline staff with medical grade FFP2 respirators.

FLUIDSHIELD* Surgical Respirator Masks

HALYARD* FLUIDSHIELD masks have long been considered the industry standard. Our FLUIDSHIELD* Level 3 face masks now meet the ASTM Level 3 (high) fluid protection standard. Designed to provide high fluid resistance, masks are available as either surgical masks with ties or procedure masks with earloops, both with wraparound visor for added protection.

Product Details

  • NIOSH-approved
  • 4-layer construction
  • Soft inner lining
  • 100% natural rubber latex-free
  • Available with safety seal
    Designed to provide effective facial fit

  • ASTM Level of Protection: 3
  • RHP Fluid Protection: High
  • Splash Resistance: 160

Masks & Respirators

Masks & Respirators

FLUIDSHIELD* Surgical Respirators are designed to provide an effective facial fit as required for proper respiratory protection against airborne pathogens
Is Your Surgical Gown Protecting You?

Is Your Surgical Gown Protecting You?

Get totally comfortable with a high level of protection

Be better equipped with HALYARD* gown selections

During invasive procedures, patients as well as the healthcare team are at risk for exposure to infectious agents through pathogen penetration of surgical gowns. Healthcare personnel should be aware of the relevant standards, guidelines, and professional recommendations that address surgical gowns. In many cases, our Protective Apparel meets or exceeds performance standards and guidelines established by organizations such as OSHA, AAMI, NIOSH, and ASHP for strength, barrier protection, and fluid resistance. 
HALYARD* AERO CHROME* gowns are designed to keep your OR staff both cool and protected during long, fluid-intensive procedures.²

HALYARD* AERO CHROME* Breathable Performance Surgical Gown

AERO CHROME* Breathable Performance Surgical Gowns combine unprecedented comfort, softness and breathability with AAMI Level 4 protection against fluids and pathogens.
Gown Highlights

  • Unique stretch properties enable full range of motion and resists fabric tears
  • Unique fitted V neck design prevents gaping of the gown while leaning forward
  • Unique breathable back panel maximizes airflow through the surgical gown

  • AAMI Level 4
  • Flame resistance: Meets CPSC 16, Class 1, CFR Part 1610
  • Laser ignition: L1 Per ISO 11810
  • Abrasion resistance: Meets ASTM D496

  • Provides protection against microbial penetration based on wet and dry microbial testing per EN13795 using ISO 11610 and ISO 11612
  • Breathable to moisture in the vapor state in the critical zones
  • Standing and seated procedures
  • Is easier to identify than other blue or green gowns in the market

Surgical Gowns

Surgical Gowns

Our selection of surgical gowns fit all your needs
Make sure your respirator is properly donned

Make sure your respirator is properly donned

Download this poster as a reminder and guide to help staff properly don the respirators.

Is your frontline staff donning PPE correctly?

The sequence for donning and doffing PPE is critically important, and a process that requires significant attention to detail.

Supporting Resources

Know Your Risks

Know Your Risks

The problems and risks related to improper PPE
Proper Wearing of HALYARD* Surgical Respirators and Surgical Masks

Proper Wearing of HALYARD* Surgical Respirators and Surgical Masks

To ensure your respirator provides the intended level of protection, follow these steps.

Additional Products for Maximum Protection



HALYARD* Face Shield

HALYARD* Face Shield

Designed for procedures and environments where risk of exposure to blood and/or bodily fluids through splashing is possible


  1. CG Davies et al, Ann R Coll Surg Engl 2007 89(8): 770-772, MN Khan et al;  
  2. ISO 22610 (wet),ISO 22612 (dry), ASTM F1671 and ASTM F1670, Hydrohead-20811

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