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Protection that meets industry standards

Protection meets comfort with HALYARD* Respirators.

A history rooted in quality

Recent events have put a spotlight on facial protection in the healthcare setting, highlighting that health facilities cannot compromise on PPE protection for their staff.

Providing quality facial protection for healthcare workers isn’t a temporary focus for HALYARD*. It’s a long-standing priority.

Top 3 Reasons to Commit to HALYARD* Respirators


Meets all standards


HALYARD* Respirators are certified per the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on personal protective equipment and meet all of the performance requirements set by the EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 amended standard.


HALYARD N95 Face Mask

Increased Comfort


Healthcare workers in high risk environments need distraction-free PPE, allowing focus on the patient and the task at hand. Mask discomfort can lead to adjustment and compliance issues, increasing the risk of occupationally acquired infection.

Of the two main respirator shapes available, cone and duckbill, the duckbill shape offers a significantly larger internal breathing environment.



Attracts and retains smaller microns

Designed with a layer of electro statically charged filter media, HALYARD Respirators attract and secure at least 94% of all particles, even those at 0.3 microns.4


Surgical N95 Respirator Mask

HALYARD* N95 Particulate Filter Respirators and Surgical Masks are NIOSH-approved and designed to provide an effective facial fit, as required for proper respiratory protection against airborne pathogens. 

  • MADE IN THE AMERICAS, FROM FABRIC TO FINISH. Unlike suppliers who rely on sources from Asia, all FLUIDSHIELD* Surgical N95s are manufactured here in the Americas.
  • With manufacturing investment and end-to-end control of our entire supply chain, we have been able to ramp up N95 production to meet customer allocation levels even during the pandemic.

  • The FLUIDSHIELD* duckbill breathing chamber is more than twice as large as the leading surgical N95, and exceeds NIOSH standards for breathability.
  • Because proper snug fit is critical², HALYARD* N95s come in a range of sizes, with malleable nose wire to adjust fit. 
  • They have strong elastic straps that are securely bonded—not stapled—to the mask.
  • SO SOFT* lined for comfort

  • Our FLUIDSHIELD* Level 3 respirators provide your staff with the highest-recognized level of protection from splash.³
  • NIOSH approved to filter out at least 95% of very small (<0.3micron) particles, including bacteria and viruses.
  • BFE (3) ? 99%
  • Splash Resistance 160
  • PFE ? 99%

According to a study of disposable N95 respirators and standard medical face masks conducted by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies (IOM) and commissioned by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS),  “Properly fitted respirators provide better protection against airborne transmission of infection than do medical masks.”

Proper Donning of N95 Respirator Masks

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